Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year, and Thanks, 2010!!

Psittacus Productions is grateful to everyone who made our very first year of existence something truly special.

This year we:
  • Incorporated in the great state of California,
  • Were approved by the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization,
  • Premiered our first show, "A TALE TOLD BY AN IDIOT," at the Hollywood Fringe Festival,
  • Extended "IDIOT" twice at Son Of Semele Ensemble in Silverlake,
  • Were nominated for an LA Weekly Theater Award,
  • Worked on a critically acclaimed production of "HENRY VIII" at Folger Shakespeare Theater in Washington, DC,
  • Devised and planned our new show..."CYCLOPS: A Rock Opera," which opens on January 22, 2011, again at Son Of Semele.
  • Click here for tickets!!!
This is the time of year for critics to put together their "Best Of" lists - we were honored to be mentioned by Steven Leigh Morris of LA Weekly as one of his Favorites for 2010.

Click here to read the article.

Here is a list of everyone who made a contribution in 2010. We apologize if we have left anyone off the list, and we thank you!

Lori Allen, Jeff Aldrich, Anonymous, Bradley & Shannon Bailey, Elisabeth Barker, Jeremiah Baumann, Jim Bertini, Nathan Blumenfeld, Lynne & Roger Bolton, Michael Boyd, Anne Breeding, Marshall Brickman, Jane Britton, Laura Brueck & Matt Stromquist, Antoine & Susan Butelli, Michael Catapano, Rose Coria, David & Erica Delgrosso, Olympia Dukakis & Louis Zorich, Lian Farrer, Gayl Fitzgerald, Corin Flannigan, Elizabeth Galatro, Linda Geaslin, Amanda Goodman, Eileen Harris, Kristin Hiibner, Jeff Hoffman, Nils Horning, Pamela & Paul Hunt, Elizabeth Jaeger, Richard Jonassen, Katherine Kennedy, Ginny Kinnick, Leslie Klinger, Kari Kovach, Anastasia Krylova, Esta LiBretto, John & Kristin LiBretto, Katharine LiBretto, Elaine Loh, Susan & Jeff Lucier, Gail Lund, Suzanne Mason & Mike Fasciano, Douglas Marino, John Meloy, David McCandless, Ellen M. McGinley, Rick McKelvey, Brian McNulty, Jennifer Nehlsen, Helen & David O’Dell, Kathryn O’Dell, Charlene & Gordon Peiper, Jessica Perelle, Lisa Porter, Mark Cameron Pow, Lisa Pruss Rafal, Brian & Kimberly Reiss, Jennifer Rhoads, Brian & Lisa Rook, Jill Rothar, Shari Finkelstein Safra, Bettsy Santana, Matthew & Martina Scanlan, Keith Shaw, Evelyn Sherman, Michael Loughlin Smith, Carlos Sousa, Sandy Spencer, Krista Steinberger, Jaqueline Stelling, Shel & Anne Stromquist, James Sturzione, Laura Suber, Marilyn & Paul Tretiak, Odette & James Trimble, Allen & Susan Tsao, Letitia Usher, Leonard Webster, Kiersten Weis, Stephanie Wezeman, Richard Willis & Heidi Reimer, Michael Wilson & Amber Lerna

We could never have done this without your love and support. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and wish you a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2011.

With love and respect,
Psittacus Productions

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