Thursday, April 15, 2010

Join us on an exciting adventure!!

Here at PSITTACUS PRODUCTIONS, we are working around the clock to pull together all of the logistics and details for our premier performance of "A TALE TOLD BY AN IDIOT" at the first annual Hollywood Fringe Festival.

The Festival is getting lots of buzz here in town, and is a great opportunity to share the company's work and reach out to audiences and students alike. Still, we can't do it without the support of our friends and fans.

We encourage you to consider a tax-deductible gift of your choosing. Donations of all sizes can help, and will be acknowledged in our program and on-line. We recently received a gift at the "Prodigy" level, and a pledge at the "Genius" level.

Don't let those generous donors stand alone! Join the adventure today.

Checks and money orders to PSITTACUS PRODUCTIONS may be sent to:

237 S. Avenue 51
Los Angeles, CA 90042


PUNDIT (Up to $25)
Grass-roots optimism and support; the lifeblood of the company.

SCHOLAR ($26 - $100)
Allows our online presence to exist, flourish, and grow.

PRODIGY ($101 - $500)
Enables a costume, set, or musical designer to plan for an excellent production.

PROFESSOR ($501 - $1000)
Provides the company with rehearsal space for one of our shows.

SAGE ($1001 - $2500)
Supports the leasing of performance space for one of our shows.

GENIUS ($2501 - $5000)
Enables the development and production of a brand new show.

MENTOR ($5001 - $10,000)
Sponsors an entire touring production; artists, travel, and accommodation.

MASTERMIND ($10,001+)
Big thinkers looking to the horizon; the future of the company.

Psittacus Productions is a 501c3-pending non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible. Please contact the company for further information.

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